16 Must-Use Instagram Tools That Can Dramatically Boost Your Instagram Success

Instagram is an incredibly stable platform for marketers and brands looking to expand their online presence. With more than 500 million active users there is no application better than Instagram to promote visual content. But, it is important to note that the application is fast evolving. It has changed its algorithm and introduced new features like Instagram stories. So, to stay on top of your game, you need the right tools to ramp up your online presence.

Here is a cherry-picked list of 16 applications that is sure to boost your Instagram success.


#1 Piqora (Olapic)

Ever wonder what type of images will be the most effective on your target audience or what hashtags should you use to maximize the visibility of your posts? Piqora can let you know which post get most likes and comments and visibility. This way you can devise your content strategy accordingly. It also gives unique analytics about hashtags and also insights about which users are using certain hashtags. This is extremely helpful for finding influencers belonging to your niche.

#2 Repost

This is an application that lets you repost images on Instagram. It also gives credit to the account which posted the image initially. It also let you know which users and pictures are receiving the highest number of reposts. It also lets you search for hashtags and users. Repost is available both on Android and iOS.

#3 Crowdfire

When you notice that your follower count is going down, what runs through your mind? You might want to know who unfollowed you. Well, Crowdfire is the easiest way to find unfollowers and inactive followers. It can help in finding new followers and also keep track of how your updates on social media can impact your follower numbers.

#4 Diptic

Diptic is an application to make photo collages. However, it is distinctive from other ones belonging to the same category. It has features such as video collaging and animated image collages. You can also add music to the video. The app is only fully functional in the ios version. An Android version is also available.


#5 Tagboard

Tagboard lets you search for the hashtag and to look for popular content that is shared across the platform. You can spot popular posts on social media and share it with your followers with the help of tagboard. It also has a content aggregation feature which focuses on websites, events, etc.

#6 Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the best tools to view Instagram via the web. It is an icon based analytics tool to manage and promote your Instagram account. You can analyze crucial metrics like follower growth and engagement on posts. Many international companies like Coca-cola, Ford, Nike, Starbucks and The Gap use Iconosquare.

#7 Snapseed

Snapseed from Google is one of the best free photo-editing applications available for both android and ios. It contains an extensive array of editing tools that are powerful than built-in tools and filters from Instagram. The HDR processing is exceptionally great.

#8 Tapshop

Tapshop is an application from Olapic. It lets you convert your Instagram account into a shopping portal. Once, a user clicks on the link present in your profile, they will be taken to a landing page with the products that they have liked. They can choose to buy from this page. The next time, if a user like one of your product’s photos, they will get a mail which includes a link to buy that product.

#9 Schedugram

Do you have images on your computer that you might want to share on the platform? Well, Schedugram is the perfect answer as you don’t have to get it on your phone. You can post directly from your PC. You can also manage and schedule your posts via the application. You can also link multiple accounts to the dashboard as well.

#10 Word Dream

Word Dream is a graphic application that is easy to use. Once you enter the text, you can sit back and watch as the application creates stunning graphics. You can download it and share it on social media. If you want to customize and add your style, it is entirely possible with this application. The options include filters, color and style adjustments, special effects, text layouts, etc. The application also has hundreds of quotes that you can incorporate into your image. It is available on Google Play and iTunes.


#11 INK361

INK361 is an application that lets you create albums, set up alerts for new posts and discover new contacts. It helps in managing your Instagram account on a whole. It enables you to showcase your Instagram by embedding it on your blog or website. The application also lets users view Instagram images on Facebook and share them to their Facebook pages. It is a free web application.

#12 SnapPen

While many consider adding doodles and text as ruining Instagram pics, sometimes doodles, and texts can express emotion in a better way. SnapPen is a straightforward and simple application for adding quick and catchy doodles. The interface is very user-friendly as well. It is an exclusive iOS application.

#13 Inselly

If you are looking at Instagram as a channel that offers more than marketing your product, then Inselly is what you are looking for. The app helps you sell more products through the power of social media. Hashtags are pivotal for Instagram and Inselly uses it to sell your products. The tool let’s you use its hashtag, #inselly. This will reach out to the users and indicate that your products are up for sale. You can have unlimited listings on the application.

#14 Boomerang

Boomerang lets you create the short looping videos that you see on Instagram. It allows you to take mini videos using your front or back camera. The app captures ten images and binds them together and then speeds up the video. After this, its is looped back and forth. You can share these videos directly from the app to Instagram or Facebook or later share them from your camera roll.

#15 Giphy Cam

Who said that Instagram is only a place to upload your selfies and scenic images? It could also be a place to get silly. Giphy cam is the ideal application for you if you want to get funky and explore the fun part of the platform. It lets you combine images and video with GIF animations to create a new shareable GIF. The center image showcases the editing choices while the last image tells us how important is précise positioning in order to make the picture more realistic.


#16 Instagram For Business

It is one of the places for Instagram users to look for tools that will facilitate growth in their business. The blog page of Instagram for business contains tips, API examples, brand spotlights, etc. Since the feature is from Instagram itself, you get to know news from Instagram HQ first hand. It will roll out a set of business tools as well including Ad Insights and Ad staging in the near future.

Using the appropriate tools you can make a positive world of difference in your Instagram strategy. The applications listed above enables you to schedule posts, edit photos, get the adequate metrics, get hashtag recommendation, sell your products and even get silly on the platform. So what are you waiting for? Try out the applications listed above and reap the incredible benefits that they offer to boost your Instagram success.