Ah, Super Bowl Sunday, a day where people have an excuse to actually watch commercials, eat a ridiculous amount of food, and sit around and drink beer while yelling at the TV. With unparalleled viewership, the stakes (and price tag) for memorable advertising couldn’t be higher. This year, a whopping $5 million dollars was the cost to run a minute long commercial, but it’s all worth it if you’re able to execute a buzz worthy commercial. We count down Super Bowl Sunday’sbrightest commercial moments.

5. Honda – A New Trust to Love

Honda scored a touchdown, featuring sheep singing along to the classic song by Queen, Somebody to Love. Introducing their new truck-bed audio system, Honda executed a simple yet attention grabbing commercial that made you want to sing along too.


4. Doritos- Ultrasound

Doritos said goodbye to its “Crash the Super Bowl “contest for their final year, and they did not disappoint. “Ultrasound” had its typical indifferent dad and demanding mom, but left us all hysterically laughing (and cringing) in the final image: featuring a baby in the womb making an early exit for some Doritos.

3. T-Mobile- Dropped the Balls

We all remember the little incident that happened in the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant with Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner right? Well, T-Mobile found a way to include Steve Harvey poking fun at himself that left us all laughing. Glad to see Steve Harvey is able to laugh about it now.


2. Heinz Ketchup “Wiener Stampede”

Of all the animal-themed ads that air during the Super Bowl, this one was the simplest yet most fun, attention grabbing ad of them all. How could you go wrong with a bunch of dachshund dogs dressed in a hot dog suit? It was ridiculous and adorable and strangely appetizing all in one.


1.      Hyundai’s- First Date

Dads will go through all sorts of lengths to protect their daughter. Hyundai’s newest feature makes it easier for dads now which allows you to locate your car is at all times.Take it from Kevin Hart.